The Best Macadamia Nuts

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Macadamia Nuts

Our world’s most nutritious nuts, macadamia nuts are mostly eaten as flavoured snacks.


We are the processors of macadamia products such as Macarica, Saltrica and mixrica

Out Growers

Our out growers program enables farmers across get access to seedlings and grow macadamia

Goat Grazing

Along side macadamia we have diversified in animal and livestock keeping such goats, sheep and more.

The best Macadamia Growers in Uganda

The kernels are pressed to produce macadamia nut oil which is used for culinary and cosmetics applications. The oil is very good and can be used as a substitute for other oils in many dishes. It has a higher smoke point than other oils that it is very good for sautéing, roasting, and grilling. Macadamia oil has good heart health benefits with high monounsaturated fats.

We are the best Macadamia Growers

We do under the umbrella of MACADAMIA FAMILY Agricultural Extension Services. The Collection Centre staff give outgrowers technical advice on orchard maintenance and post-harvest handling of macadamia nuts in addition to buying the nuts harvested by the outgrowers soon after de-husking.


Become an Out Grower

We ensure that emerging farmers learn from experts in the industry and support them where necessary.

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